Monday, March 3, 2014

It's Carnaval!

 We visited a place called Igreja da Penha last P-day
The moving crew after the work was done. Captain America rulz. Represent. ´MERICA!

Wooooo hey guysz,

Dang the jealousy I had seeing Bryan with Bill Nye made me cry. Mr. Hollenbeck used to show videos of that guy a ton when I was in his class. Very cool. Gostei. Well it´s been a pretty cool and crazy week. A little stressful because of some of the responsabilities that come with being District Leader, but hey, in the words of Coldplay ´´Nobody said it was easy´´. Anyway, I´m so happy to hear about all of the cool mission calls that you sent me. I told Elder Acevedo that Landon Toth was going to Lima Peru, and he wants to know which Lima Peru mission
(Elder Acevedo lives in the Lima Central mission). Elder Carter sent me an email about the war in Ukraine. He says he´s safe in Dnepropetrovsk, but he says it´s pretty cray cray.

NOOOOOO not Betsy! I felt sad to hear about the truck, but dang was I surprised you guys wanted to pay the big bucks to keep him alive. I understand you didn´t have the money necessary to buy a new one having bought that other shiny fancy schmancy piece of metal that shares the garage with Betsy. Oh well.

Let Bro. Van Matre know that I ate lunch with one of Karch´s companions. Karch´s companion Elder Souza Silva lives in our ward and we had lunch with him . Him and his wife are super awesome and a cute young couple. Next time I get a chance, I´ll take a picture with them so you can show Bro. Van Matre. Other random news, I weighed myself last week for the first time in over a month.... 66 kilos... around 146 pounds, which means I´ve lost about 20 pounds since I started my mission. If you send me powdered sports drinks again, don´t feel the need to send the zero-cal. I needs to get fats.

So Carnaval is this week! In reality, it hasn´t affected our area at allllll. Carnaval is still pretty annoying because, like seriously, EVERY investigator is traveling, has lots of family in town, or spending lots of time away from home because of it. And the only people in the streets are drunk old men. Elder Acevedo and I still managed to keep busy, knocking doors and visiting members less-actives. AOcassionally we see someone wearing crazy clothes, but nothing extraordinary. I was expecting crazier news too :/

Oh yeah, we moved last week too. All of the members that have heard about it called us crazy because now we live even further away from everything, and in an area that is more dangerous, but it´s been pretty chill since we moved. I´ll include a picture in front of our new house.

Here´s some cool news and a nice little miracle for us in Ramos: Elder Acevedo and I showed up at church, and there was a lady there we had never met who lives in Texas! She lives in Austin, I told her I was born in Longview, we had a good laugh. Anyway, she said that she´s visiting her mother here, and invited her to church (Her name is Alexandra, her mom, Vera, isn´t a member of the church). Vera was raised in the catholic church, but she loved church yesterday! She invited us to visit her while Alexandra is still here in Ramos, and hopefully all will go well! Alexandra joined the church in the States, and has always wanted her mom to hear the missionaries messages. so yeah. Cool story.

Guess what? I love you all and am always smiling when I think about the wonderful support I get from everyone at home. Sorry if at times as a missionary, I don´t show it super well, because I donpt have much time at all to send emails. One hour every week, which includes the letter I write to president Lima. Oh well. What a great Gospel this is that our Savior has given to us!

Lots of love,
Elder Braun

PS. I included a photo of Bruno´s baptism that Elder Leite sent me. Dang was I super happy to hear about that. I was super sad to not have been able to attend, but I am still so happy for the decision him and Ranna have made to accept the restored gospel of Christ aand prepare to be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity.

Bruno´s Baptism in Alcântara on February 22nd.

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