Monday, March 24, 2014

Eu Sou Marican

This picture is with Karch's old companion who was a member in Ramos. 
He was formerly known as  Elder Silva Santos. 

Elder Evans and the church´s hot tub.... No I´m kidding. It´s the baptismal font.
There´s a business called B Braun on the highway entering our area.... So that´s Remarkable. 


I love reading the weekly letters I receive every week. I´m sad to hear about the japanese dude who hit that shiny new car. I guess when you don´t have a teenage son at home to give our cars beauty marks, you gotta hire a japanese immigrant to do it for you.

Such another crazy week in the mission and I´m so happy for everything I  learn every week! I´m certainly serving in a whole new world here in Maricá. Seriously. I joke with Elder Evans all the time saying that I feel like I´m serving in a whole new mission in this area. There´s a lot less buildings, streets, and a ton more fields, trees, and....water! There´s a bunch of lakes and the coast close to where we live and work. Don´t worry though. We aren´t passing much time there. Everything in this area is also more expensive, especially bus rides. I had to go to Rio this past week to get my visa updated and paid a whopping 20+ bucks to get there and back. If I was still in Ramos, it would have been a tad bit more than 2 bucks, so I´m getting used to that here.

Also, serving in this branch is certainly a learning experience for me. The Maricá branch started having missionaries in October last year after being closed for 3ish years. So we´re doing our best to help the members work with the us to do missionary work. Luckily, the church is still true :) With an attendance of 26 yesterday, we´ve got tons to do to work towards building a chapel here. We´re determined. Elder Evans and I teach super well together and we get along super well, too. So I´m having a blast here. Church is also in a rented house. The baptismal font is a little pool in the backyard, and each bedroom is a classroom or meeting room for the different groups in the church. It´s a different world, but I´m loving it. I´m sure you´ll have questions that I´m willing to answer about it.

We were able to visit Jaqueline and Alexandre last saturday!!! Oh that was sooo fun seeing them with Aguinalda and Rogerio, the coolest family I´ve met in Rio. We were able to teach them about eternal families and they said they´re get back to working on the wedding process next week (They started back when I was in Alcântara, but they became a bit disanimated, and since it was tough for us to keep up with them in Alcântara, they stopped) But now that we´re here closish to them, we´ll be able to help them and keep up with they´re progress waaaaaay better. They live in a super rural area and we have to take two buses to get to their house, though, plus we don´t have any other investigators close to them. 

We had a baptismal date marked for a teenage girl, MArcela, that we have been teaching for this saturday, but she wasn´t able to go to church yesterday. However, there´s a Haitian guy named Volson who has been to church 3 times already and we´re working with him tons to progress towards baptism. He loves the church and has already said that he knows it´s the place for him. So we got started running and we´re hoping to keep it that way. 

I love you all at home and I´m proud to say that I´m loving this new area, Maricá! I was just starting to get used to the city in Rio, but here in the country, it´s more comfortable and relaxed, which I like. I feel more safe, which should be a sigh of relief for you, mamma. But when you´re doing the Lord´s work, there is nothing to worry about. Tchau, everyone!

Elder Braun

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