Monday, March 17, 2014



Soooooo.... Sup

Haha before I forget, I received Valeries Christmas Package at the beginning of January. I sent her a letter thanking her for it. I think I sent it to where she was living in California, so if she didn´t receive it... dang. Hopefully she´ll get it somehow. As far as the Plan of Salvation and package from Mike, they´re still traveling to me!!! As well as the birthday package.

I don´t want to delay this crazy news, but I´m getting Transferred!!!! I´m super surprised, like a ton, because usually the trainers and newbies stick together for two transfers, but Pres Lima decided that he needs me in MARICÁ!!!! Dang I´m soooooooo FREAKING EXCITED to go to Maricá. MAricá is a branch (first time serving in a branch!) and is fixed beautifully with a marvelous coastline. I´ve visited there one time already, and there´s lots of trees and it´s beautiful there. Maricá is in the same district as Alcântara, and the family we were working with (Jacqueline and Alexandre, the same lady that looks like HAnnah Jensen) Lives there!!!!! CARACA I´m so excited to get back to working with them. My new companion will be Elder Evans, seriously the coolest guy I´ve met since I got here in the mission. He´s from the same group as me, but served in Houston for 3 months waiting for a visa, and we´ve already done a division and we get along super well. He´s from Kansas and lived in the building next to me at BYU! I´ll have more to say once we start serving together tomorrow. I´m pretty sad to have to say goodbye to Elder Acevedo. He´s super great and was a great companion. We got along really well (Better than any other companion I´ve had) and we worked well together.

So It´s kind of tough to talk about our investigators here in Ramos knowing that I´ll be leaving tomorrow, but there is one lady in particular that I can´t go without talking about her. Helena went back to church for the first time in a long time and she loved it! She lives super long and travels more than an hour to arrive at the church. Sacrifices to attend church... Inspiring. We´re also working on reactivating a family named Fátima and Adimir. They were baptized 2 years ago, but shortly left the church because Ademir started visiting a different one that is closer to their house. Fátima only wanted to go if her husband was with her... so yeah. We built quite a trust with them and are helping them prepare to become faithful members of the church and prepare to be sealed in the temple.

There was some super tragic and sad news for Elder Acevedo and I. A lady that we were teaching, Regina, passed away last week. Dang we felt so sad to hear about it. She had been having problems for a long time with pains resulting from years and years of smoking. We started teaching her, ashe started to change, but our Father in Heaven decided it was her time to return to his presence. She was super receptive and willing to be baptised, but her and the guy we were teaching, Jorge, were living together and had to be married first. So yeah, don´t smoke.

Craziness this week, I love you all so much and am so excited for all of the craziness and changes that are in store for me this next transfer. Rio: Mission of miracles. I´ll miss having a view of the Christ astatue on every corner, but all is well.

Elder Braun

 This computer won´t read my sd card, so hopefully next week I´ll be able to send some fancy fotos.

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