Monday, March 10, 2014

Post Carnaval and Gondolas

Elder França, Elder Xavier, Me, and Elder Acevedo in the Teleférico.... Gondola.

Yeah... That's where I bring Salvation. Complexo do Alemao.

After a huge rain, Elder Acevedo took a picture of me while I was talking with other Elders on the phone. Instead of raining cats and dogs, it rains horses and elephants here.

Hey Family,

Put yo hands up for another crazy week! Lots of work, training experiences, and progression in my mission this past week. Elder Acevedo and I were able to attend a training last week for him. Every 4 weeks there´s a big meeting with President Lima and all of the other Elders in Elder Acevedos group. Twas awesome. At times I wonder why I was chosen to train a newbie and be district leader with such little experience in the mission, but we are working hard and having no regrets.

Thanks a ton Jeff for the letter he sent me. I´ll write a brief message to him thanking for the news. Happy to hear that Betsy is doing great. Really 15 more years? Daaaaaaaaang. Stick in a nice stereo system and Betsy will be set! Haha

Last P day we rode a gondola with the other companionship´in our ward and a member in the ward named Edson. It was pretty awesome, especially because the gondola rides above one of the biggest favelas in all of Brazil, which. naturally, is a big part of our area. It´s called the Complexo do Alemão, which translates to German Complex. Not sure why, there ain´t no germans here, but it´s cool. Photos will be included in this e-mail, for shizzle. 

Elder Acevedo and I decided to try and work more with reactivating members this week, and we found a lady, who lives seriously in the other side of the galaxy, but she´s super cool. Her name is Helena and to arrive at her house, we have to either take two buses or only one and walk another 40 minutes to arrive at her house. She has moved a lot these past few years and didn´t which ward she was living in, and at times was visiting a chapel that was closer to her. (Imagine our family going to the Evergreen building instead of the Foothills). Her son João Vitor is super quiet and is 12 years old, and also has a difficult relationship with Helena. Ever since we met them, he´s
opened up a lot and we´ve been working with them a lot to strengthen the relationship they have in their family through the teachings in the scriptures. It´ll be a slow preocess to prepare João Vitor for baptism, but we have lots of faith that everything will work out with patience and hard work (and long bus rides).

Hey I found a place that sells Brazil soccer jerseys for 20 reais a piece (about 8 dollars). If you could add 100 bucks or so in my account, with a bit more for shipping, I´m willing to hook yáll up with jerseys before the world cup starts in June. That way everyone at home can root for the best country in the world :) Also, if you could let me know how much money is in my checking acount, that would be greatly appreciated. I don´t have anyway to find out for myself. Thanks!

I love you all and love this Gospel! Lots of saudades of everyone at home and I´m grateful for the prayers. Sempre. Until next week, homeboys.

Elder Braun

This is a photographical representation why missionaries in Brazil do NOT have cars or bikes.

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