Monday, May 18, 2015

Mission Counsel and Home Stretch

Hey Family,

It sure sounds like Bryan and Holly are taking over the primary in Dayton. Way to go! Last week on Mother´s Day, the Primary President in the Bento Ribeiro Ward asked me to play the piano for a special musical number that the primary kids sang. It was pretty cool, and I´m just been so grateful for the opportunities I´ve had on my mission to improve and magnify my talents playing the piano. I´m still not perfect, but I´ve loved being able to serve in that way. I´m usually playing in Sacrament meeting since the normal player has a stake calling and isin the ward maybe once a month.

Well, the time is flying by too fast, and The Lord truly is testing me with MANY opportunities to work these last few weeks. Elder Neuman and I have had many miracles and through planning and hard work and diligence, I´m hoping to end my last few weeks with many reactivations and baptisms. After over 5 years without coming to church, we were able to help out Suelane come back! I think I talked about her family a couple of weeks ago. This upcoming Sunday, we´re expecting her husband Marcio to be at church as well. I´ve learned to love that family a lot, and although they´ve been away from the fold for a while, I´m happy to play a part in helping their family return.

Last tuesday, we had mission counsel with all the zone leaders and district leaders in the mission. I had the oportunity to see some familiar faces, including Elder Evans, one of my past comps who´ll be coming home with me. The mission was able to have 108 baptisms in the month of April, the most in a long time, and since there´s 5 weeks in May, we´re working hard as an entire mission to teach more effectively, more boldly, and spiritually that way we can bring more souls to Christ.

We have been teaching Edgar and had been preparing him for Baptism last saturday, but his mom wanted to give him one more week that way she could invite other members of his family to be present. Edgar has been progressing really well, and we found out he has a sister, Alice, who has become interested in the church as well!

Also, we visited Souza a few times this week and he has become more and more humbled by the teachings in the book of mormon. He has a huge love for his wife who is very sick and going in and out of the hospital, but always feels comfort in reading the Book of Mormon and receiving Elder Neuman and I. We challenged him for baptism on the 23rd, this saturday, and he accepted. What´s great is that his birthday is on the 24th, and when we told him he´d receive the gift of the Holy Ghost on that day, he started to cry and was really emotional.

We´re also teaching a lady named Adriana who has been progressing really well. She was a reference from a less-active lady who since we´ve started teaching Adriana, is now coming back to church! Adriana came to church yesterday and loved it! She already considers herself a member of the church, and we´re preparing her for the 30th for baptism. We´re hoping it all works out!

So here I am, in the home stretch with less than 3 weeks to go and MAKING THE MOST OF IT! I love my mission, each and every minute of it, and I´m so happy of the person I´ve become. I love you all and wish you the best this week!

Elder Braun

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