Monday, March 9, 2015

Bruna's Baptism

Here´s a picture from the baptism! From left to right, back row: Elder Neuman, Bishop Ubiratan (He baptized Bruna), Bruna, Priscila (her cousin), Thiago (her cousin), Erica (Thiago´s girlfriend), Me. Back Row: Adriana (Bruna´s Mom), and Aparecida (Bruna´s Aunt).

Hey Family!

Let me just say, hearing the news about Grandma Pannone visiting made my week. I´m so happy to get to get to see here once I´m home. Parabéns Jeff for the great marathon time, all on your birthday, too. I´m hoping I can get at least one marathon in after a year bring home. Jeff´s a great motivation for me to not get fat and gain all the weight I´ve lost here in Brazil.

Elder Neuman and I have seen a lot of miracles happen in Bento Ribeiro since we arrived here. What used to be known as one of the "buracos da missão" (mission holes) has started to progress really well. Members seem more and more willing to give us referrals, visit less-actives with us, and support our efforts to seek souls to bring unto Christ. The attendance has gone up quite a bit, and we´re getting on a good rhythm to be able to baptize weekly in this ward. 

Last Saturday, Bruna was baptized, and it was a super, super special day. Remember how I said her mom has been i drug recovery for some time now? Well, Bruna´s aunt surprised her and arranged for Bruna´s mom to show up shortly before the service happened. It was a very special day for both of them, and with this wonderful event happening in their family, Bruna´s cousin, Priscila, has come back to church and we´re teaching her husband, Eric. Eric is from an African country called Togo, and he´s got just the most delightful accent when he talks. Since he doesn´t speak Portuguese super well, we maaged a french copy of the Book of Mormon to give to him. He´s already been to church 2 times, and he seems to really enjoy what he´s learned about our Lord´s Gospel being restored again.

Rayane is still trying her best to find a new job that doesn´t require her to work on Sundays. If you could include her in your prayers back at home, that´d be splendid. Their dog died this past week, and she was pretty down and blue because of it.

There´s a family the I met when I was serving in Maricá named Altamiro and Claudia. They bought a beach house in Maricá last year and went to church a few times, but it turns out they live in where?.... Bento Ribeiro! I had a family home evening at their house once st their house in Maricá, and now we´re helping them come back to church here in Bento Ribeiro.

I´m loving this work so much. Although it has it´s fair share of stress and responsibilities, I´m so grateful for the plethora of blessings I´m receiving while serving this great people in Rio.

Elder Braun

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