Monday, March 30, 2015

Baptisms From the English Class!

Hey Family,

I´m super happy to hear that Grandma and Grandpa will be living Utah once I´m back at Provo. Hopefuly, I´ll be able to frequetly visit them and let them know how important they are to me and that I love them very much. Jeff sent me his usual 3-month update on his life, that I receive every two transfers. It´s so odd to think that the one I received today was the last one for my mission from him. The time just keeps flying by. I only have about 2 months left, but I´m not letting that slow me down!

This week was WONDERFUL for Elder Neuman and I. We met some great people to start teaching, and other to help prepare for baptism. Let´s talk about Luciano... He was baptized on saturday! We got a little stressed out when the bishop in the ward said that there would be a young womens activity the same night that might conflict with the baptism, but in the end, we ended up sort of combining the two, so that all the young women could attend the baptism. I think Luciano was okay with that :) His sister and Mom were able to attend the baptism, as well as his friend. We´ve already started teaching them all, and all but his mom has been able to attend sacrament meeting because she works on sundays. We´re excited to help their entire family learn more, and our hopes and desires are that their entire family can accept our message of our savior´s restored gospel.

The 25th was Elder Neumans birthday, so we had a family night at Rose´s house, the lady who was baptized a month ago. She brought MANY friends and neighbors and family members (at least 10 non-members), and we gave a breif message about the atonement. They seemed to really enjoy it, and everyone (who hadn´t already had a chance) accepted to learn more about our message another day! It was a great birthday present from the Lord. Rose brought her brother Rosivaldo to church, and he really really liked it. We´re hoping to mark a date for him to prepare for baptism in the upcoming future. Rayane has been progressing alot too, and said she´ll be able to attend conference with us. She has made a decision to stop working at mcdonalds a little early and her last day will be on... the 18th of April! Wow, another great birthday present, right? So, since she´ll also have a sunday off on the 12th, she´s accepted to prepare for baptism on the 11th. We´re so happy to see so many people that we´ve met desire to follow Christ´s example, entering in baptismal waters that way they may be purified of their sins by one holding God´s Authority. 

This ward had only 4 baptisms for all of 2014, and we´re really happy for being able to acelerate the missionary workforce here in Bento Ribeiro. I love the person I´m becoming and for all of the wonderful opportunities I´ve had to gain a stronger testimony of our Savior´s atoning sacrifice. Take a look at the new video the church has made for Easter called "Because he Lives"; It´s a great opportunity to share the gospel and help other have an opportunity to receive the missionaries message! I love you all!

Elder Braun

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