Monday, March 16, 2015

Another Great Week in BR (Brazil, Bento Ribeiro, etc)

Hey Family!

That buddy system video that Natalie sent me this week was incredible... Magnificent, even. Too bad this lame Internet Cafe doesn´t have a way to download and save on my sd card. Then I´d be able to watch that video on my camera whenever I want to. I was talking to my comp about what classes I ought to take during summer term, and those were the ones that I could come up with that were available. So a couple weeks ago, I signed up for econ, bowling, and new testament. I think I could sign up for at least one more, but I´ll probably wait until I get home to take care of that.

Elder Neuman and I have been having some cool miracles and progress here in Bento Ribeiro. We had our biggest attendance in Sacrament meeting yesterday since we arrived here: 86! We´re working alongside with the bishop, planning a special sacrament meeting on the 29th called "O Domingo que Ninguem Pode Faltar" or in english " The sunday that noone can miss". We were able to schedule one of the counselors from the mission to prepare a talk, as well as special musical numbers and talks. We´re inviting all members, less-actives, and investigators to participate, and we´re hoping that we´ll bring many members back to church through this activity.

We´ve also started having a weekly Ward Family Home Evening activity every thusday night at the church. A lot of members were very hesitent or doubtful, and said that noone would go, but the three times that we´ve done it, we´ve had at least 25 people each time. It´s a simple activity where both members and non-members can bring their families to have a family night at the church building. Usually one family is in charge each time and prepares a lesson, game (Although us missionaries have planned this each time), and a snack/dessert. This week, we´re gonna set up volleyball for the activity afterwords. We´re liking the results that we´re getting, and we´re getting some good referalls from members too.

After Bruna was baptized last week, her family has been way more excited to do missionary work. Her Cousin, Priscila, was married about 3 weeks ago and we´re teaching her husband, Eric. He´s from an African country called Togo and his native language is french, so we got him a french Book of Mormon! He loved it, and now he´s progressing well.

We were able to reactivate a great family this week as well. Their names are Maria Lourdes and Oriovaldo. It´s been over a year since they´ve been to church, and after visiting them along with their home teachers, them and their 3 grandkids were back to renew their baptismal covenents again!

I love you all so much. I love this city. I love the ward that I´m serving in, and most of all, I love my Savior.

Elder Braun

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