Monday, February 3, 2014

Where Will I Go?

 Photos of Bruno and Ranna at the baptism. Herik, a member, baptized Ranna. 
Herik is one of Brunos best friends and was a great resource to help them receive the gospel.

Dear Family,

The package from Michael has still not arrived here, but we have a zone training so  there´s a good chance that it may be in my possession soon. Another Craaaaaaazy week for Elder Leite and I. This week is transfers, but unlike how the mission usually posts transfers (on the website), we´ll be finding out later today by telephone. So
yeah, I´m pretty anxious to know since there´s so much going on in Alcãntara. Lots of progress with our investigators, and the members are super animated to help out as a result of the success we´ve been having.

I´m very sad to hear the news about Johni this week. I´m always comforted to now that God really has a purpose for each one of us, and his wonderful plan of Salvation gives me hope. I´ll definitely include her in my prayers, but I won´t promise that I´ll join the convent like Clovis suggested.

The news you heard about Ranna was correct. She got baptized on Saturday! Bruno wanted to wait a little bit and invited his parents to attend Rannas baptism that way they could understand why he wants to enter in this covenant. his parents are super devote in their church, and was afraid thay would be angry against him, but they seemed to really enjoy the spirit there. I´m not super worried about him not following the example of his wife and being baptized as well. He has a strong testimony and desire to follow Christ and loves this gospel.

Also, we´ve been teaching a little old lady named Maria da Ludes and goodness gracious she´s amazing. The Elders in Trindade taught one of her daughters and passed the reference to us since Maria lives in our area. She felt abandoned by the church she was attending and was searching for God´s church. She immediately accepted our messages and felt the spirit super strongly. Yesterday was the second time she attended church and she accepted the 8th of February to be baptized! She hasn´t received a lot of support from her children, so we´ll work
 with them to understand the importance of this gospel and how we can be blessed by it.

Like I said at the start, there´s a lot going on here in Alcãntara, and if I leave, I´ll be realy sad because of the wonderful friendships I´ve made with many of the members and investigators. I love hearing the news about the missionaries in preparation at home!! Keep up the work everyone. This planet is in desperate need for young men and women willing enough to leave the temptations of the world to preach the gospel of Christ. I love you all and wish you the best!

Elder Braun

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