Monday, January 27, 2014

Families Can Be Together Forever

Jorge and Neuza´s Baptism. 

Dear Mom and Family,

This was an awesome week for Elder Leite and I! Lots of miracles and progress for us, but I´ll get there. First of all, I thought I´d let you know that I received mail this week  (since we had interviews with President Lima) and I received packages from the family, Valerie, and Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen!!! It was seriously like Christmas all over again, especially since the packages from grandma had presents all wrapped up in presents. Goodness, I loved them so much. My gratitude is full and I and so happy to have such wonderful family at hope supporting me on while I´m dilligently trying my best to preach this wonderful gospel that my family at home helped me to learn and love as a child and youth.

On wednesday last week, we had a really cool activity in a different area of our zone. After our interviews with president and lunch, we hit the streets , all the elders in my zone and we invited everyone in this area, Apolo, to visit the chapel there. It´s a brand new chapel and the first sacrament meeting held was yesterday, so it was a super pretty chapel. We apent about 5 hours doing contacts, teaching short lessons, and inviting everyone to visit the chapel for an open house that night. One lady who Elder Leite and I contacted, named Eliane, showed up at 7 while Elder Leite was busy helping another Elder bring a different person to church. I did a quick division with an American guy, Elder Evans, who´s been in the field for a little over 2 months, and gave Eliane a tour of the chapel. The spirit was so incredible. She recently went through a divorce and has been feeling super lonely
and sad. She works close to the new chapel and has been wanting to visit it for weeks, and she started to cry shortly after entering it. Elder Evans and I taught her a bit  about the gospel, and she even accepted an invitation to be baptized next month! I was so happy for her and the Missionaries in Apolo will be working with her to work
towards that.

But there was a ton that happened in Alcãntara too this week! Jorge and Neuza were baptized this week! Elder Leite and I first met them about 3 weeks ago when Neuza´s cousin invited her to go to church with her husband, Jorge. They loved it and loved every lesson we taught them afterwords. Seriously, a great family who was receptive since the first minute we saw them. The Spirit was strong in every lesson we taught them, which goes to show that our Father in Heaven has people in every  part of the world who are ready to receive the gospel. As
missionaries, it´s our job to find them.

Bruno and Ranna are on their way towards being ready to be baptized!  Ranna has already received an answer to her  prayers and knows the church is true and has even invited her mother to attend the batismal service. Bruno loves everything about the church: It´s teachings, the strength and brotherhood that the members have, the importance of our families.... everything. But he´s a pretty smart guy, earns money super well for brazils standards (he has 4 cars, including a ferrari), but he´s waiting for a concrete answer that the book of mormon is true. They´re  both so awesome and would make wonderful members. ELder Leite and I always joke that Bruno will probably be the next bishop in this ward. They keep the commandments and really want to be sealed for time and all eternity, so Elder Leite and I will work with them SUPER hard this week to help them be
prepared for. Pray for us!

So yeah, this week has been awesome. One more week of this transfer, and I have no clue what will happen. I´m happy to hear that all is going well at home, that the mission prep class is going well, and I love hearing about the mission calls for everyone in the stake. I love you all and love my time here as a missionary!

Elder Braun

A cool photo of the heavens being opened or something like that.

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