Monday, February 17, 2014

Dee El

Our Zone of studs.... and two sisters

Me and Elder Acevedo after a huge dump..... of rain.
Hey Family,

I loved the letter this week! Especially that sweet story you shared about me as a kid saying a prayer and wanting help. I loved it, because there have been some lessons throughout my mission where the investigators we teach say they don´t know how to say a prayer and they ask us missionaries for help to do so. Super precious. Also, just an FYI, we have Zone training once every month, the first week of each month, which is when we get mail/boxed. At times, in special situations like a big mission activity, we receive mail two times a month. That might happen this week since we will have zone conference, which only happens once every three months.

Goodness stinkin gracious what a crazy week here in Ramos. Elder Acevedo and I have been working like crazy, talking toeveryone in the streets and inviting everyone to receive a message about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here´s some crazy stuff that happened this past week:

-Maybe the title of this email gave it away, but I have been called as the District Leader! There wasan emergency transfer last wednesday, and our DL, Elder Bendoski who was serving in Ramos 2, was transferred to a different area. Elder França, a brazillian elder, replaced him, so now I´m back to being the only American in our house. I got a call from president saying that I now have the responsibilities that he had, which includes being leader over three companionships, one being a dupla of sisters. So yeah, wooooooo!!!! It´s been kind of a surprise and a lot more work and responsibility. I keep in touch with all of the elders and sisters in our district to see how their investigators are progressing and what not. It´s cool, but Itotally wasn´t expecting it, having only 1 week as senior companion when President Lima called me.

-So we´re moving!!!! not to a new a new area or anything like that, but our house is too small for 4 elders, and President Lima told us we needed to look for a new place to live. One of the members here offered a house that they own that has been vacant for a long time. President checked it out, liked it, and we´ll be moving in this Wednesday. I´ve been keeping in touch with Pres. Lima a lot this week, if you hadn´t noticed... Also, this new house will be a 45 minute walk to our church building and 25ish minute walk just to get to our area. And our area is huge, so we´ll be walking tons. Let the weight continue to drop! Send me lard or something to keep my weight in balance. No don´t do that. I kid.

-I lost my missionary manuel on a bus when I was traveling to Ramos two weeks ago with Elder Acevedo. I always keep it inmy shirt pocket, but with all my suitcases and my new companion, I seemed to have forgotten to put the manual back in my pocket and lost 100+ reais, my identification (the secretaries weren´t too happy about that), and my white bible.... Sadness.

- The man, Valdir,  that we had been preparing for baptism last week had a huge financial problem. when we passed by for him to be interviewed for baptism and said he didn´t want to get baptized anymore. It was really sad and he kinda went crazy, but we´re gonna work with some ward members to find a type of service for him to do to earn a bit of money and help him out with his tough situation.

So wooooo Ramos training district leader funness that´s fur sure. It was actually a pretty stressful week, since I´m still trying to get to know the members in this enormous area,and haven´t been having the success that we would like. I still do my best to serve the Lord always with a smile, but prayers will always be appreciated to help me
out. I love yáll, my american beauties!

Com Fé e Amor,
Elder Braun

Curious about the story about Steven when he was 3? Here it is:

Jan 4, 1998
"Steven is talking... and we understand him. One night I asked him to say the prayer. 
"Help me" he replied.
I told him he needed to say the prayer by himself because he was a big boy and could do it by himself.
"Help me, mommy" he repeated.
When I said 'no' he looked at Bryan. "Help me, Bryan".
"You can do it", answered Bryan.
"Help me, Jeffrey."
"You can do it", answered Jeff.
He continued around the table. "Help me, Valerie"
"You do it by yourself", she replied.
"Help me, Michael".
"You do it", Mike answered.
"Oh, man!" Steven said in disgust. He had asked everyone and no one would help him so he decided to do it himself. It went something like this: "Heavenly Father. Thankful for food. Please bless Mommy and Daddy, Jeffrey and Bryan, Michael and Valerie, Justin and the new baby. And bless the food and we'll be happy. In Jesus Christ, Amen."
So of course we all had to cheer and ever since then, he wants to say the prayer at meal time, by himself."
 -Brenda Braun

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