Saturday, August 10, 2013

I Think I'm Lost...

...Because I cannot find anyone who speaks english :)
HAHA Oi Familia!
Another crazy week for me. It's funny how I never seem to run out of crazy stuff to talk about each week. We'll see what I can think of today. I didn't get a letter from you, mama, so I guess I'll have more time to talk about ME and I'll spend less time answering questions and what not. First of all, today isn't really my P-Day here. It will normally be on wednesdays, but since we had a long couple of days with airplane troubles and what-not, they gave us friday to relax and rest that way we'll be ready to study starting tomorrow. Expect my next letter to come on wednesday, and that's when we'll be having P-days.
Okay, so while I was in Provo this past week, I mostly did a lot of prep for going to Brasil, but Elder Deiffenbach andI also had a lot of cool experiences too. Sunday, which was fast sunday, was really cool. Instead of the time we'd normally have for meals, we had a mission confference which was taught by the MTC Presidency and their wives. I said hi to President Nally at dinner the other day, and he said hi back and slapped my on the butt. I'm not kidding at all. True story, so when he becomes a general authority, I'll always remember him because of that. That night, our devotional speaker was Sister Jennie Oaks Baker, Elder Dallin H. Oaks' daughter, and she played a special music devotional where she would speak, and then play a hymn or special music number every few minutes. It was so incredibly awesome, and I love music and the spirit that it brings.
Some cool things that happened while we were waiting for our plane, I saw the Sikahemas!!! I've never met them, but I went up to them and told them how I was a Braun and Barry and Brenda were my Parents and then they recognized me and said how much I look like dad and the boys. Vai even gave me a hug a couple of times. They were really nice and got a picture with me, then Bro. Sikahema gave my companion and I $20 each to buy dinner. Such a nice guy! We had an opportunity to prosilite a bit in SLC too. One man wanted to talk with us for a bit about why we are choosing to serve missions. He was catholic. weere able to bear our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and even challenged him to read one himself. He didn't sound like he was going to, but he was still so nice and willing to hear our message and really appreciated our devotion to our faith.
When we arrived in Sao Paulo, we went through customs and immigration, which was kind of tough since I only know broken portuguese and they spoke really fast. We waited (the group of us 12) in the Airport there for about an hour until our ride picked us up and brought us to the MTC. This country is so stinking beautiful! The whole way there, our group couldn't stop oohing and ahhing at all the incredible buildings, communities, plants, and portuguese everything! Being down here will really help me learn the language, so I'm hoping I can learn as much as I can before I hea east to RIO in less than two weeks. I think there's a total of only 200-300 missionaries here, with I think about 50 being american. There's actually mostly spanish speakers here, instead of Brazilians. Elder Deiffenbach and I are also still companions. I'm so glad that we still are since he's really good at helping me learn and teach, plus we already have built a rhythm with everything.
The community that the CTM is in is called casa verde. Maybe look it up on google or something (question mark. I still haven't figured out these keyboards). It is certainly not as developed compared to back home, but I really like it. People are friendly and there's lots of little street side stores that we can go to and shop at on p-days. Including one that sells bacon chips! Why did Brasil get this before the U.S ? (<---I got it!!!!!) We just have to make sure we don't look like we have lots of money and watch out for cars. People here drive like maniacs. It's kind of funny! Motorcycles drive inbetweens cars, like on the lines dividing lanes, and the streets always have tons of traffic.
I only have 45 minutes for emails now, and I'm out of time, but I love you all and wish you the best at home! Eu amo Brasil!!
Elder Braun

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