Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Here in the Brazil MTC. CTM. TRC.

OKAY. HERE WE GO. Another crazy week (well, 5 days) for me. Let's see what I can cram into this short time to email! WOOOOO! To answer some questions, as far as differences between the MTC in Sao Paulo and in Provo, schdule wise, It's pretty much the same. We still have teachers and classes and TRC and meals at pretty much the same time, maybe moved a tiny bit, but not much. The food however.... is remarkable here. I think I'm going to love brazilian food! Lots of fresh fruit, juices, meat, rice and beans, and GUARANA. It's a pretty cool and yummy soda that everyone drinks, but you know that. We also can leave the campus on P-days and explore the neighborhood od Casa Verde, where the CTM is. There's a few really cool stores, including one that sells american treats like milk shakes, cookies, cakes, and others. There's also a store run by a member that sells stuff for missionaries like toes, scripture cases, etc. Their ties only cost 8 reais, or less than 4 american dollars! There's a big selection and they look smokin!! There's lots of brazilheiros that I can (try to) talk to and build up my portuguese. They talk really fast at times, but I'm getting better. It's more fun to talk with the Hispanics here since they talk slower, but overall, it's weird having americanos be a minority. but I like it! The people here are so nice.
The language is going really well! I, for the most part, understand all the principles with grammer that there is to learn. Now, it's just a matter  of building up my confidence and speed when speaking and understanding, and building up my vocabulary. Elder Deiffenbach is our new district leader, and he hasn't said a word of english in over a day now. I don't know how long it will take me to be that good, but it tests me to understand more, and that's a great blessing. Our teachers here are also Brazilian, so we can't really ask them for much help with english. Although, Irma Iglesia, one of our teachers, served in Temple square and even served two transfers in Spokane! She spent her time in Colville and Post falls though, so we probably didn't see her when she served two years ago.
The cafeteria here is really small and serves about two or 3 main foods (meat of some weird thing like fried eggs or whatever), a dessert, rolls, lots of salads and fruits, and all the rice and beans you can imagine. We have two investigators that we teach everyday. Instead of teaching once everyother day like in Provo, we teach 2 times now each day. It's great and is good prep for Rio, where I'll be by next Wednesday!!! Maybe as early asMonday..... I don't know. I think I get my travel plans this Saturday, so I'll know then. Last Saturday, we taught TRC, and the group we taught was a priest quroum from here in Sao Paulo!! Elder Deiffenbach and I taught 4 priest aged, brazilheiros. It was SOOOO HARD, but humbling. They weren't afraid to ask us weird questions and they talked really fast.
Okay I need to go! I love the Church and I love being a missionary. I can't wait to be in Rio next week and start teaching! I love you all!
Elder Braun

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