Monday, September 22, 2014

Knocking on Wood

Hey Fam,

I had a pretty awesome week. Sorry about the tough news for Natalie. Let her know that I didn´t go to homecoming either my junior year. But that was more my own fault for being lazy. There´s always next year. Maybe. If she wants, I can send an email to Trevor Brown to tell him to get his act together. Although she´s selling her chores to other people to do. Looks like laziness may run in the family.

This week was pretty awesome. I put the title knocking on wood, because we knocked a lot of wood. What I mean by that is we knocked a lot of doors. And what that actually means is we clapped our hands in front of a lot of houses (It´s rude to knock on someones door here. People clap instead) Maybe the title of this email would be better called ´´clapping our hands", but I´ll leave it as it is.

We knocked lots of doors becuase we redivided our area last week, and most of our investigators went to the othr elders. We found some really cool people though, including an oldish lady named Nazaré, her daughter, Marcia, and grandson, Iago. Iago is a little special, I think it´s a relatively serious case of bipolarity, and they have been praying for him. They had received the elders about 10 months ago, but the never were visited again. They were happy to see the elders again, and Nazaré and Iago came to church and loved it. If all goes smoothly, we´ll try to help them get ready for baptism on the 4th, during conference. YAY BAPTISM

We´ve been finding lots of less actives, as well. There are lots of families to complete here in MAricá, and we´re hoping with the support of the Elders quorum and Relief Society, we´ll get some people reactivated and families completed, off and ready to go to the temple. YAY ETERNAL FAMILIES.

We also had the highest attendance this week in the branch ever since I got here, 59 people! I´m like super happy to see members coming every week now, instead of just every now and then. Seeing as the attendance was about 25 each week when I first got here, I´m ecstatic about the growth. The branch president said if it comtinues to grow at this rate, by the end of the year, the church will let us buy a land to build a new chapel here. YAY CHAPEL.

I´m excited for General Conference.

Have a wonderful week! Don´t let Valerie eat all the chocolate chips in the states! I don´t think they have chocolate chips here, and I miss them. I love you all, this gospel is like very true and has been a huge blessing to me, as well as many others whose lifes I´ve seen changed.

Elder Braun

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