Monday, September 1, 2014

I Love This Work

Hey Family,
I´m not sure I´ll have much time to write this letter. Our LAN house that we usually go to is without internet, so 
we´re at one that´s a lot more dumpy and slow. Oh well. But this week was seriously awesome.

Congrats to Jeff for the great marathon finish! Sorry that everybody´s got school starting soon. It´s kinda weird to think that close to or by the end of the school year, I´ll have already finished my mission. Dang, where does that time go?

Hey, Remember Jessica? Our convert baptism from 3 weeks ago? She already received a calling as a young women´s counselor and She gave a talk in church yesterday! It was like her 5th or 6th time at church and she already gave a talk! We were surprised that our branch president did that so soon, but her talk was way strong. Lots of members were brought to tears as she shared her testimony of the church, the book of mormon, and showed gratitude for missionary work. I was losing it, the spirit was so strong. I love this work, I know that I was called to be in this branch for as long as I´ve been here because I know the Lord has prepared his children to hear my testimony, and I know that true joy and happiness only comes from living and sharing the gospel with others.

I´ve gotten a pretty nasty cold, which has been a bit tough physically, and verbally. People haven´t been understanding me as well because together with the slight american accent, I have the nasally side effects of a cold. By the time we get home I feel practically dead, but I know that by diligence and hard work, I´ll get better and feel more in rhythm.

This past week we were really focusing on finding new investigators, and we reached our goal to have 20 new investigators. Some are going well, others have already cut us or won´t let us mark a return visit yet, but we worked hard this week, and that makes me happy.

I love you all! Keep up the good work and good luck at school for everybody!
Elder Braun

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