Monday, July 21, 2014

The Power of Prayer

Hey Family!

Would you believe it if I told you this week was boring? Don´t, because it wasn´t!! I hope everyone has fun on their different road trips and travel safely. When I read the stories about the fires in Spokane and the rain in Rexburg, all I could think of was the Adele song called ´´I Set Fire to the Rain´´. If only the two things were happening in the same place. That would be perfect.

Elder Inácio and I have had lots of miracles recently. We´ve had lots of reasons to be thankful, and our work has been progressing little by little. I´ll let you know right now why there´s no photos in this email, because I lost my camera last week and was freaking out. Luckily, a brother in the branch who was giving us a ride called me saying I left my camera in his car, and that he would give it to me tomorrow. 6 months of photos almost lost. 

Our branch president has planned a self reliance class, with scripture study and english study that way we can invite our investigators and less actives and.... everyone! Elder Heidenreich and I will be teaching the english course. I´m still not really sure how, but we´re excited! It starts next Saturday.

We recently reactivated a married lady whose husband isn´t a member and started teaching him last week. heir names are Marlo and Juliana. They´ve been going super well, and Marlo even accepted a baptismal invite! He says he already has a lot of respect for the church because of the importance it teaches about familes, and they have two little ones, one that´s 3 and the other is 9 months. The only issue is that he works in the army and studys, and is at home for only 4 hours each day. I´m still not sure how he managed to find time to read the passages we left with him in the Book of Mormon, but he´s really enjoying it.

We´re working really hard to help the few members in Maricá help us do missionary work and receive our investigators in a more friendly manner so that they can recognize better that this is the true church of Christ. I love you all and love this wonderful Gospel! Without the sealing power restored through Joseph Smith to seal our families for eternity, there would be no validity in any other ordinace that we do. This is the Lord´s true church.


Elder Braun

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