Monday, July 28, 2014

Good Weather and Awesome Waterfalls

Adriane, Adenilson, and their kiddos.

Hey Family,

As always, another crazy week for us. It was actually a little stressful at the start, since like EVERY SINGLE appointment we made fell through, but we stayed busy, sharing the gospel with everyone. I´m happy to hear everyone had a good week, too. Knowing how efy is, Natalie probably met lots of new people from around the country who probably became her best friends, in just a week. Efy is cool in that way. Parabéns for Ryan and the graduation. Yaaaaay accounting. How long will his course at Gonzaga be? One year? Will they still be in Spokane while I´m home? Will my room not be mine once I´m back at home?

Whenever you send the next package, mom, one thing I´m really needing is socks. Good black socks aren´t cheap here in Maricá, like 3 bucks a pair, and I´m left with lots of pairs that have holes in them. Sometimes I walk 500 miles, and sometimes I walk 500 more. 

The weather has gotten waaaaaay better. Everyone here gets their winter jacket, a blanket, and bundles up in their house... because it´s 60ish degrees. I find it kind of humorous, but it´s the culture her. It has been raining every once and a while as well, which I love, but my umbrella broke the other day. I opened it up, and one of the metal arm things snapped. It still works, it just has a limp in one of it´s legs, more or less.

This week, we have been working more with a family to complete, Marlo and Juliana. Marlo wasn´t able to go to church yesterday, because their house ,  has been flooding, so he had to build a little wall thing, but Juliana still went with her parents (Another family tp complete, Ana and João) and her cute little kiddos, 2 little boys named Rafael and Pedro. Marlo´s been reading the book of mormon and said he feels ready for baptism! We had to remark his baptismal date for the 9th of August, but he´s way excited. On that same date, we have 3 baptisms planned in the branch, so it should be a special day in Maricá. 

We´ve also been working with a lady named Cristiane, who was starting to lose faith in God, and since we met her, she´s been feeling a lot happier about life. She´s divorced, has two kids, and works a lot, so she feels overwelmed about life, and since we taught her the plan of salvation, she has been progressing a lot. She´s been to church 2 times already.

Adenilson and Adriane and their family is also going really well. It seems like every sunday, something comes up which makes it hard for them to progress, but we´re teaching the importance of sanctifying the sabbath and their getting more and more interested with each message we leave with them.

This Saturday, Elder Heidenreich and I are starting a... (drum roll please)..... ENGLISH CLASS!!!! We´ve been planning it for a few weeks now, and together with the institute and self-sufficiency classes that will start this saturday, we´re teaching English! Which means I need to get back to studying english because I can´t speak no more. Writing these letters home has gotten harder and harder with each and every week. But we´re hoping to find lots of people to help through this english course. 

I love all the Brauns in the whole world! You are all wonderful and not a day goes by that I´m not grateful for my wonderful, supportive, and gospel centered family that has been a blessing in my life.

Elder Braun

 A wonderful water fountain that I just could not resist to take a picture of. I hope you enjoy.

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