Monday, May 26, 2014


Dear família,

CRAZY week for us in Maricá. Congrats to Ryan for being accepted at Gonzaga! That´s awesome they´ll be staying with the rest of the fam at home, and Certainly Natalie will love the company.

It was a relatively sad week in Maricá since my companion Elder Porfírio decided he would go home and no one could do anything about it. It was really tough for me to accept the decision he made, since I´ve had marvelous experiences during my mission, but he was certain that no one could change his mind.

But I´m keeping my head up and looking towards the bright future that we´ll have here in Maricá rather than looking behind. My new companion is a Texan named Elder Heidenreich. He´s from Dallas and knows where Longview is, so that´s cool. He had to go home for a surgery about a month ago, and after he recooperated, he came right back down to Brazil last week. He´s been serving for 7 months, and is super excited to get back to work after his month long break. He´ll stay with me for this week, and next week, Maricá will have two companionships! So I´ll be showing him the area, our investigators and members, and next monday, we´ll find out who our new companions are. I´m stoked to stay here in Maricá since I already have a huge love for this branch. I have no doubt that it will become a ward in the nw future now that the members have been learning our to help us do missionary work and fulfill their callings.

We had a change in the branch leadership, and we´re SUPER excited about the future here because of it! Our new branch president served as MISSION PRESIDENT in Recife, Brazil between the years 2002 and 2005. His name is Saul and has already put together some incredible plans for the members and misionaries have some great progress.

I wantto thank everyone who sent me words of encouragement this week. I don´t have enough time to read them right now, but I´ll print them out and read them on the bus ride home. I don´t have a ton of time right now to say much more that happened this past week, but I am truly grateful for the love that my wonderful family members and friends have shared with me. I´ve gained a great love for the Lord´s atonement in my life and mission and have become amazed at how much I´vegrown these past few weeks. Keep Spokane funky fresh and let everyone back at home know that I love them!

Tchau tchau,
Elder Braun

I left my camera at home and don´t have any way to show you all my pictures from this past week :(

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