Monday, December 2, 2013

Mission Tour and...

Hey family!

I always love to hear from yáll what´s happening at home. Natalie sent
me a good email keeping me updated on her life, and I also received
letters from Dad and Grandma Pannone this week. Thank you all so much
for thinking about me and always being willing to help me out with
words of motivation and comfort.

It soundslike Thanksgiving at home was pretty... well, quiet at home.
I actually completely forgot about thanksgiving and didn´t realize
that it had passed until Friday. Some stores here have ´´Black Friday´´ 
sales, so when Elder Leite asked me what Black Friday meant
when he saw it on an advertisement on Friday, it hit me that last week
was Thanksgiving. Pretty crazy how different it is to be a missionary
in a different country with different holidays and weather throughout
the year, but I´m still loving Brazil!

Last Friday, Our zone and 4 other zones went to the center of Rio for
a conference with one of the area Seventies in Brazil. He announced a
few changes that will take place for all missionaries in Brazil (And
maybe the rest of the world? I´m not sure...) Some small things,
nothing super serious. We´re not getting ipads or iphones or Facebook
anytime soon. He announced that missionaries are no longer allowed to
use backpacks and have to buy shoulder bags. The mission sells some
with a cool little logo on it, so I´ll probably do that. Which reminds
me, Could you let me know in my next email how much money I have in my
Bank account? I figured that I had to pay a fee to use atms here. 5
dollars though? Ouch. Elder Gavarret, the Area Seventy, also gave us a
pretty good devotional. Annnnnnd... I was able to see Elder Grow and
Elder Hamilton!! It was the first time I´ve seen Elder Hamiltopn since
he got here in Brazil, so it was way cool to catch up on what´s
happened since we both entered the MTC. Picture will be added to this

I received a call from the mission office last week that I received a
Package this week!!!!! HOWEVER, I still don´t understand this at all,
but sometimes, The post office here keeps the package and charges the
receiver of the package a tax to be able to receive it. So while I was
in Rio, I paid one of the secretaries 118 reais (around 50 american
dollars) so that he could pay the tax required to get the package.
Elder Grow said that that has happened to him once before, but it´s
completely random when a tax is charged. Dang.

Most of this week was spent helping out the investigators we baptized
last week and helping them prepare to be confirrmed and receive the
gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday. Every week, on the missiona website,
they past a few stories that happened the week before that were cool
and stuff. They´re called ´´Milagres da Semana´´ or miracles of the
week. Elder Leite and I made it on that page, so we felt pretty

I´m learning so much every week as I strive my best to devote all of
my forces and efforts in advancing the work of the Lord. I certainly
still have so much to learn, whether it be my ability to speak and
understand the language, or my capacity to teach our investigators
according to the direction of the Holy Spirit. I love you all!

Elder Braun

PS The names you asked about, Bob William Fernandes is my companion
Elder Leite (a member of his family must be using his facebook), and
both Gabriell and Marilla are members in the Ward. I don´t recognize
the other names though.

PSS Let me know what Skype account you´ll be using. We´re skyping in 23 days!!!

My buddy Faynner and I in front of a random car.

Elder Hamilton and I in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

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