Monday, December 30, 2013

Hunk of Burning Rio

Hey guysssz,

I Absolutely enjoyed talkking to most of the family this week. (Bryan, Holly, Ryan, and Valerie. I´ll try to pull some strings so that on mother´s day, we can use Google+). The time flew by super fast. Wayyyyy too fast, talking to yáll. After we hung up, I gave the laptop back to Caroline, the member whose house we were at, and she said I looked like I was crying a bit. Maybe I was, but it could have just been sweat dripping down my face.

For Chirstmas Eve, we passed by the houses of a few members to teach a short lesson aout the birth of Christ, and we ate tons of food. Panetone, Pudim, rabanada, frango assado, salada de frutas, guaraná, you name it, we probably ate it.

So it´s kind of hot here... Saturday this week had to have been one of the most miserably hot days I´ve ever experienced. It didn´t help that everyone we had marked with to teach was either not home or didm´t answer the door. Lots of walking. Lots of sweating. I´m practically drinking sunscreen now. Elder Seigh, one of the other missionaries in our apartment said it will be like this for at least another 4 months, until about April. It makes me so grateful when we can teach a lesson in the house of an investigator to stay away from the sun for a bit.

This week was pretty full of trials and patience building opportunities for me. I appreciate the advice you gave me, Mom, on how to keep a stronger relationship with my companion. I´ve tried to ask more questions to him, like you said, and I think it has been helping a lot. He´s getting pretty close to passing one year on his mission and at tims it´s a bit tough to animate him and help him be more enthusiastic in the service of the Lord. I try to put myself in his footsteps though. Elder Leite has a pretty difficult situation in his life, not only as a missionary, but within his family as well. He´s the only member of the church, and many people at home are against his decision to dedicate 2 years away fro his family to preach the Gospel to the people in Rio. His parents are seperated, and his dad  was drunk when he called on Christmas. I´ve learned to understand how great I have it, and that I should be patient with my companion, especially when they come from different backgrounds than I do.

Lots of contacts this week, a few good lessons, but It has been difficult to help anyone truly progress like we woould have hoped. Keep Elder Leite and I in your prayers this week. We´re working hard, and we´re hoping for better results this upcoming week. I love you all and was grateful to see your bright smiling faces last week!

Elder Braun

PS Mom and Dad, if any future missionaries have questions though out these upcoming weeks that I can answer, let me know! Anything. keep me updated on the how the mission prep classes go.

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