Monday, June 1, 2015

.....Última Carta

Hey guysss,

So I guess the time has come to write the last email of the mission. I´m not gonna lie, it´s super strange, sometimes it starts sinking in at random moments, but I don´t think I´ve completely felt it yet. I guess that´s a good thing that way I stay focused up until the last day. Thanks for sending the photos of everyone at the funeral to me. It gives me a chance to see how much everyone has changed, and dang have they changed a lot. I saw tons of babies and I´m not even sure whose is whose. Either way, I can´t wait to see everybody when I get home!

This week was really hard, but for really good reasons. Before I get there, we had a surprise emergency transfer last Friday. As we were finishing up our weekly planning, we got a call from the assistant saying that we had to go to the mission office as soon as possible, and that Elder Neuman and I would be in a triple companionship. They probably did this because I´ll be going to the mission office tomorrow night, where I´ll stay until I get my flight on Friday. So, that way our area doesn´t just stop until the end of the transfer, President sent Elder Weight, an American from New Jersey to serve with us, show him around the area a bit, and continue teaching our investigators. He´s a very cool guy, I´ve liked the pást couple days we have serving together, he´s very experienced as well (Goes home in July with Elder Neuman).

It was a very happy, and sad sunday for me yesterday. Well, more gratifying I guess. Having to say good bye to some of my converts, reactivated members, as well as other members was tough. Nothing makes me happier than hearing their gratitude for the work and sacrifice they saw us do. The Bishop invited me to bear my testimony one more time in the ward, and although I´ve never been one to cry, it was tough not to get a little emotional for having to leave this wonderful ward. Seeing people like Luciano, Rose and Rayane, our investigator Souza and many others cry as I left the church yesterday was really tender and spiritual for me. I´m so happy that technology makes communication between countries so much easier.

I´ve learned a lot about the importance of members and missionaries working together united to strengthen our Heavenly Father´s kingdom and bring souls to Christ. It´s not my work, it´s not even the mission´s work, it´s what the Lord expects of us as his followers. I hope that even after I finish my full-time mission, I can still continue to be a missionary no matter where I end up in life.

Let everyone back at home know that I love them so much and that I can´t wait to hug you all this Saturday!

One Last Time, Love,
Elder Braun

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