Monday, August 11, 2014

Baptism and Boxes

Elder Inácio and I at Jessica´s baptism

Hey Family,

First off, there´s hope in the Brazillian mailing system! I received three boxes this week from a few of my loved ones, including one from Jeff, one from Valerie and Ryan, and another from the fam. It had the CTR ring and some socks. Exactly what I needed! Thanks a ton, it made me happy.

Well, We had our baptism this week! well, by that, I mean it was the baptism of an investigator, Jessica! It´s kind of crazy, because we found Jessica when we were knocking doors close the the house of our other investigator... Jessica! So Jessica 1 was a girl we were teaching with her family who accepted baptism about 3 months ago but it didn´t work out... but her neighbor Jessica 2 got baptised on Saturday! Her baptism was quite a miracle in this branch, because Satan was working really hard against us for it to happen.

First of all, Thursday night was Jessicas baptism interview, and when we showed up at Jessica´s sister´s house (Where she usually is),she wasn´t there! Her phone hasn´t been working, so we had no way to know where she was, but we ran to here parent´s house, about a 40 minute walk away, aand again... NOT THERE. but her step-dad said she should have arrived at her sister´s house by then, so we walked back, 40 minutes again. STILL NOT THERE. At that point, we had to go back home, another 30 minute walk, since our time was running out. Early Friday morning, we passed by her parent´s house after much prayer and the she was there! The interview went well.

The day after, her baptism day, the water in the church... STOPPED. It just, didn´t run anymore, so we had no water to fill the baptismal font, and we had to hire a van to bring people to a different chapel in the stake. All last minute. And when we went to pick up Jessica´s familyto bring to the baptism, her mom started being completely against her choice to be baptized (note. Jessica is 22, so she´s not a minor). We tried helping her to understand that our church is in fact not a cult and that she´s actually going to be blessed being baptized in the true church of Christ. After many prayers in my heart and trying our best to help her understand the purpose of baptism, her mom finally felt comfortable to let her daughter be baptized. Her baptismal meeting was simple, yet very spiritual, and a wonderful experience for the members in Maricá who were able to attend.

I´m happy to also share that we have another baptism planned for this Saturday for a girl we found while doing contacts in the street whose mom was a less active member and we reactivated two weeks ago. Ana Karen had been going to church when she was younger, but left the church with her brother and mom when she was about 6 years old, and for that reason, never was born in that water. Well, we´ve had the wonderful privelege to work together with her family to return to church and return to receive the wonderful blessings of the restored gospel. Yeah, I´m thrilled and incredibly happy, if you couldn´t notice.

Thank you so much for the prayers sent to me. My companion and I have been so blessed this past week, and are excited to work even more! I love you all and love this work!

Elder Braun

A funny picture I took on a windy day that makes me look like I´ve got a FAT BELLY. 
(Spoiler alert: I´ve actually gotten really fat) 

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