Monday, June 23, 2014

Cha Cha Cha Changes

Hey Family!

YAY for sleepovers in the airport!! I´m sure that was just the greatest night sleep ever! I couldn´t help but think of the one episode of Malcolm in the Middle when Everyone in the community had to sleep in a high school gym because of something their family did. Lots of funny things happened like Malcolm getting grounded on his bunk, Dewey lied to people about his family dieing, etc. Anyway, I´m sure it wasn´t quite as fun as it ought to be, but at least you´re in DC now!

The World Cup is still in full gear as everyone hides in their houses and watch EVERY single game. Especially when Brasil plays. Like today. We worked up until 1 pm today working as normal, and after talking to family and freinds, we´re spending the rest of our p-day at home. It´s actually very easy to keep track of the score even when we don´t have a tv. Everytime you hear everyone in the city screaming and shouting at the same time with fireworks going off, badda bing Brasil scored! It´s crazy. No one is working today, everyone watches the game, even the people that don´t like soccer still root for their country.

I had a funny and scary experience last thursday  when Elder Inácio and I visited a new family that moved into the branch. They live, like, REALLY far away. The bus ride was over an hour long to get to their house, and we left a little after 8 that way we would have time to make it back home before9:30. Unfortunately, it was a holiday, and it was raining, so the buses, well, stopped! No more for the rest of the day. We found this out when it wasalready 9:00 pm. As we sat there, not knowing what to do, we said a prayer and promptly after that prayer, a taxi showed up! I asked the driver how much it would be to get to Maricá, he said it was 45 reais, I accepted the fact that my future wife will have to deal with a cheap, plastic wedding ring because of our to be home and keep mission rules, and we took the taxi. He drove us super fast and we made it home promptly. Que bênção! Anyway, it was a wonderful answer to our prayers, even if it was a little pricey.

This is Pres. and Sister Lima´s last week in Rio, and starting this Friday, Pres. and Sister Cabral will arrive! We had a special zone conference with pres and Sis Lima last friday. They´ve been wonderful leaders, and it will be tough to have them leave. But they can´t stay forever. Happens. I´m excited for what the future of this mission has while Pres and Sis Cabral build the new Rio temple!

We´ve been teaching many new people, and although I was really stressed that none of our many investigators that agreed to come to church came, even those that we passed that morning, we´re determined that we´ll have lots of sucess this week. 

I love you all and I encourage EVERYONE to study the talk that M. Russell Ballard gave last conference titles ´´Follow-Up´´ (that´s the translation in Portuguese of the Title). Have fun watching the World Cup and root for Brazil for me!

Elder Braun

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